The PG department of commerce had been started since 2014 with two under graduation programmes BCOM FINANCE AND TAXATION( MODEL II) and BCOM COMPUTER APPLICATION (MODEL II) . A very limited number of students got admitted in the first batch .There after, the number increased. Later in 2020, the college started a Master of Commerce programme . We focus not only on learning but also to inspire and put them with all the qualities as a commerce learner.


We emphasize on empowering students by providing all kinds of knowledge of commerce with healthy practices and providing guidance, inspiring atmosphere and opportunities to the aspirants.


Develop teaching and learning practices of commerce knowledge with practically.Enhancing the employability of the commerce students by providing motivating environment for availing their full potential. Inculcate moral and ethical values and developing social consciousness among students.Enable overall development of the personality of the commerce students by developing commercial global outlook with social responsibility. To enable the students as practical oriented demand of the human resource.


Entrepreneurship development club functions under the commerce department .the club has been organizing a number of programmes to create entrepreneurial awareness and skills among the students with support of industries department.


Our students got placed in different multinational companys . In our department each batch contains A grade in university examinations, In 2015-2018 Arya Pathmanabhan and Manasa Mohan from Bcom ca and Joe paul ,Ashila Bose from Bcom ft .In 2016 -2019 Ahalya Rajan and Athullya Chidambaran from Bcom ft.In 2017-2020 Arathydas and Aswathy shaji. In 2018-2021 Devika Reji from Bcom ca and Malavika Madhu from Bcom ft.


From 2014 onwards we are having an active commerce association and we also conduct inter college commerce fest .



   Mrs. Remya M M

HOD,Assistant Professor

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Mrs. Sreeni M S




Mrs. Divya Vinod

Assistant Professor 


Mrs. Sayana Mohanan

Assistant Professor


Mrs. Rajalakshmi R

Assistant Professor



Mrs. Krishnaja Raj

Assistant Professor


Mrs. Aswathy T G

Assistant Professor